Linen Pinafore Apron

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100% European Flax Linen Pinafore (Cross-Back Apron)

Fall in love with this 100% European Linen Apron. Why is linen so great? Linen fabrics have a natural luster, similar to silk, and wear/use enhances this natural glow. Linen is the ideal fabric for your indoor/outdoor lifestyle. This high quality, medium weight, Italian linen has a lovely flow for draping, a natural feel, and a simple, timeless appeal. Pairing this ideal fabric with the classic style of the pinafore is practical as well as stylish.

The cross back design allows the apron weight to be distributed across your shoulders, and then taper to a flattering A-Line. Two sizable pockets provide ample space for stashing odds and ends along the way. The matching bias trim is hand-made by me and creates a lovely finish to the apron.

SIZES - The aprons are loose fitting since they are designed to be worn over your clothes. The cross back design allows flex over the waist/hip area.

S/M - (Roughly) US 4-12

Unisex - (Roughly) US 8-18