Mixture Salt Soak

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The next best thing to floating around Fiji! Relax those tight muscles & unravel the strains of the day while nourishing your skin with our special blend of salts & essential oils. Draw a warm bath and let this product take over to nourish your skin. A Personal Oasis!

Details: 24 oz

Charcoal: Purifying. Draw out impurities and smooth your skin with this charcoal-based salt soak.

Coffee: Invigorating. Rich. Strong. Freshly brewed. Coffee helps make dry skin silky smooth. Anti-cellulite scrub. Skin brightener. Coffee fragrance only.

Himalayan Salt: Detoxifying. Unique ability to attract and hold water, making it a natural moisturizer. Pink Pepper & Lily fragrance only.

Rose Petal: Soothing. The scent of rose petals distilled in pure water is the heart of our Rose Petal bath and body products. This gently cleansing Salt Soak creates a splash of luxury in your daily routine.