Scrub Bugs

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The Scrub Bugs™ Difference ...

Cleans Hands Over 3X Better
Scrub Bugs set a new standard in hand washing effectiveness. Independent laboratory tests prove that Scrub Bugs clean hands over 3X better than ordinary hand washing. Scrub Bugs are the new essential component of kids' daily hygiene routines.

Develops Healthier Hand Washing Habits
Scrub Bugs make hand washing fun. Real life in-use tests prove that kids wash their hands more often, with more pressure, and for more time with Scrub Bugs than when washing with hands alone.

How Scrub Bugs Work ...
Surgeons know that hand washing is best done with a tool. That’s because your skin is not a smooth surface. It’s made up of many small grooves that are hard to get at with only skin to skin contact. Plus there are additional tricky places like between fingers and under nails where germs love to hang out.

Inspired by the tools and techniques surgeons use to scrub-up before surgery, Scrub Bugs have an innovative hand washing surface that better lathers soap and creates a gentle yet targeted friction during scrubbing to help remove even the most stubborn germs. The result is a significantly better clean.

Plus, the great ergonomics and kid friendly design encourage kids to wash longer, more thoroughly, and more often than washing with hands alone.

It's no wonder Scrub Bugs are not only loved by kids, but also endorsed by pediatricians.