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11th Aug 2020

Back to School 2020

Back to School 2020

The 2020 school year is starting soon, and it's going to be like no other. Everyone will be doing things a bit differently - whether you're sending your primary & secondary students back with new routines, are trying your hand at homeschooling or distance learning for the first time, or are navigating the waters of higher education during a pandemic - and we could all use a bit of functional comfort more than ever. Read on for our guide to some products (all linked), both practical & pampering, that we think will help!

For Everybody (K-12, College Students, and Parents!)

Cloth Face Masks

A must for those going back into school buildings for any grade, and just for running errands, these are probably mandatory on your school supplies list already. We carry two separate lines of masks, so there are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from. Both types have adjustable ear loops (to help fit a range of face sizes comfortably), two layers of fabric, and pockets for filter inserts if you like. They are all machine-washable as well!

Hand Sanitizer (in-store exclusive)

Always a good idea for those times in-between washes. We all touch a lot of surfaces throughout the day, and it's just not possible to run to a sink for a wash with soap all the time! We carry small bottles in convenient clip holders that coordinate with some of our fabric masks, so you always have one nearby.

Personalized Versatile Wash & Shea Butter Lotion + Other Hygiene Needs

Just because they're taking their classes from home now, they don't need to be #feelingdirty all the time! Stock up on all their favorites -- shampoo & conditioner, activated charcoal soap, the balm, the mask, and SmartyPits deodorant. For college students toting their products to and from dorm bathrooms, their name on the label keeps it from getting lost in the mix. 

Blue Q Bags & Zipper Pouches (in-store exclusive)

From coin purses (also great for college kids to carry IDs, room keys, cards, and cash), to pencil bags (you've got to keep organized at home, too), larger zip pouches (stash a spare mask and a hand sanitizer in here), to lunch bags and totes, these fun, colorful, sassy designs will put a smile on your face throughout the day. Plus, their laminated material is easy to wipe down and disinfect!

Bee's Wraps & Stasher Bags

Whether you're packing lunches, upping your at-home meal prep game, or storing food in a dorm mini-fridge, these two sustainable alternatives will come in handy! Wrap foods directly in Bee's Wraps or use them to seal bowls & dishes, just like plastic wrap or tin foil. Stasher Bags have a zip seal that make them conveniently carried on-the-go, will keep things fresh, and will keep bugs out of homes and dorm rooms.

The Laundress Bleach Alternative & Surface Cleaner

It can be hard to find bleach in any form in the stores right now, and if you can, you're probably limited in what you can purchase. Use these two great products to keep your home (or dorm room) clean!

Linen & Room Spray

Freshen up your face masks between washes, and the soft surfaces in your home. With more people home for more of the time... you're going to need it. 

Coffee Mug

This one's for the parents & the college students. Because coffee will be necessary. 'Nough said.

For College - Dorms

Hello Mello Loungewear

They'll especially love the Flyway Cardigan & Weekender Top, as these two transition seamlessly from dorm room to classroom. The Weekender Travel Wrap also makes a great versatile piece to help fight off both cold and discomfort. Scarf, shawl, blanket -- it does it all while keeping them cozy in the library, the lecture hall, or just lounging.

Wax Melter & Wax Melts

Colleges don't usually permit students to bring candles with them into the dorms, as the open flame can quickly become a fire hazard. Most places (check beforehand!) will however allow you to bring a flameless wax warmer, and the beautiful design that we carry from Northern Lights is just that. Be sure to grab a pack or two of wax melts in assorted fragrances, and freshen up the small space safely with the flick of a switch.

The Laundress Products + Wool Dryer Balls

The Wash & Stain Bar will protect their clothes when they don't get to wash right away, the Signature Detergent will keep them always smelling & looking fresh while being good for them and the environment, the Mesh Washing Bags will protect their smaller items from getting lost in those industrial dorm washing machines, and the Stoney Mountain Farm Wool Dryer Balls will keep your young eco-warrior happy while also reducing dry time, static, and the risk of musty odors.

Eco Towels & Towel Wrap

They're definitely going to need towels. And they're definitely not going to wash them as often as they should. Grabbing a few sets of a few sizes (wash cloth, hand towel, body towel) of these eco-friendly all white towels (so they can use their new bleach alternative to keep them bright!) will ensure they always have a clean one on-hand.

Makeup Eraser

The BEST thing for when you're just too tired to wash your makeup off your face at the end of the day... but you know sleeping in it will cause breakouts and dull skin! The MakeUp Eraser will make your college kid's life so much easier, especially when all they can think about is sleep at the end of a late-night study session.

HydraAromatherapy Shower Bursts

For the bath-bomb lover who will be deprived of their soak time: the shower burst takes their favorite experience upright! Pick up a few of the targeted aromatherapy bursts and a sachet to hang where the water will juuuust hit it to release glorious relaxing steam. Your sachet will help make it last for a few uses!

Seasonal Box Subscription

Every college student will tell you -- there's nothing like receiving a care package from home. Let us do the work for you with our curated Seasonal Box. Sign them up for a subscription and they'll receive three boxes throughout the school year (Fall, Winter, and Spring), plus a BONUS box in the Summer when they're home with you or having their own independent adventures. Add an Enclosure Card message sending love from home for an extra-special touch.

For College - Apartment

Apartment-dwellers will want most of the items from the Dorms list, plus a few extra things they have the freedom to include in their homes like:

Soy Wax Candles

These students have the luxury of lighting a candle instead of or in addition to their wax warmer. Gift them with an eco-friendly, non-toxic HSCo Soy Wax Candle to add some soft light and fragrance to their space. The paraffin-free wax burns clean, the 100% cotton wick won't throw soot, and our scents are delightful but not overwhelming -- all perfect for smaller homes & rooms! Bonus: add a personalized label with a sweet message like "My First Home" or "Home Sweet Home" to set the tone.

Northern Lights Bottelabra & Taper Candles

This one makes a great housewarming gift for those just moving into their first apartment or home! Pair it with a nice bottle of wine with a pretty label (for those who are of age!) for them to enjoy & unwind with on the weekend or after a long day of classes. When the bottle is empty, they can up-cycle it into cute decor that will always make them think of you!

P.S. There are so, so many more great products that we could have included on this list, but we didn't want to make it a mile long. Browse through our website for yourself and read all the in-depth product descriptions & reviews, or come see us in-store and let us know you're shopping for back-to-school for all our best advice!