Health Heroes Care Package

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Say "Thank You!" to the healthcare professional in your life!

Healthcare workers have tough jobs -- now more than ever. Honor the doctors, nurses, EMTs, and all front-line crisis workers and gift them a few things they can actually use. Our Signature Blend Linen & Room Spray has hints of stress-relieving, immune-supporting lavender. Spray on bedding to help catch some much-needed z's, or spritz in the air for a brief moment of zen. A Versatile Wash will treat them to our customer-favorite handwashing experience while also reminding them that they have the support of loved ones doing their part to prevent sickness. Restoration Cream will revive hands dried out from constant washing and sanitizing, and bring them a bit of comfort and relief.

They'll get:
1 (2oz) Linen & Room Spray in Signature Blend
1 (16oz) Versatile Wash in the scent of your choice
1 (8oz) Restoration Cream

Send one to all the Health Heroes in your life to show your gratitude, and maybe get one for yourself too, while you're at it. This is #functionalcomfort defined!