Shea Butter Bar Soap

Product Description

Our handmade bars of soap are created with your bathing enjoyment in mind. These bars are gentle cleansers that create a rich lather. Moisturizing coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter ensure skin is not stripped of its natural oils, leaving you clean, refreshed and smiling. Our bars are gentle enough to use from face to feet.

Details: approx. 6 oz

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Functional Comfort!

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By Kathy Trainor Thursday October 3, 2019
Soap leaves my skin soft and smelling lovely!
Love the charcoal soap!
By Kathy Vossler Thursday October 3, 2019
I recently bought this bar during a terrible bout of poison ivy all over my arms. I had read on Facebook that the soap could be helpful for the rash. My arms were so irritated from the rash, but rubbing the bar over my arms in the shower was very soothing. I feel the shea butter has helped my arms not be quite so dry and irritated from the topical steroid for my rash. I am also using Restoration Cream to get my skin back to normal now that the rash is almost gone. I am very impressed with the nice size of the bar and I can tell it's going to last for a while.
Love the bar soap!
By Connie Monroe Wednesday October 2, 2019
My favorite scent is Clean but the Lemongrass Sage is a close second. I really love them all !!