Soy Wax Candle

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Brighten any room and enjoy the fresh scent of our natural soy wax candles. We offer our hand-poured candles in a stylish 14 oz. glass container that can later be used as a tumbler/cocktail glass. Our soy wax candles are specially formulated with a paraffin-free, 100% soy wax that burns toxin-free, carcinogen-free and allows the full dispersion of our natural oil blends. The wick is made from 100% spun cotton. They can burn up to 120 hours. Candles come in a variety of lovely scents and make the perfect gift.

*We use this glass container as a cocktail glass after use. Simply let the candle burn to the bottom, use a brillo pad to get the residue out and wash away. Collect 4 and you have a set!

*Due to the chemistry of each unique scent, some discoloration may occur. 

Use it, own it, love it!

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Great candles!
By Dan Wednesday June 26, 2019
I love these candles. My two favorite are Bonfire which gives a pretty pronounced warm scent that smells like a campfire and bamboo which is far more delicate and subtle. As an added bonus, once the candle has completed burning, the glass it comes in is extremely sturdy and can be used as a water or cocktail glass. They're our everyday water glasses. I've got a set of 8 and it's growing. Highly recommend.
Best candle ever
By Staci Hyatt Wednesday June 26, 2019
The Soy wax candles are my favorite. They smell up the whole house.
Great candles
By Scott Wednesday June 26, 2019
Have purchased these candles a number of time. Very happy with them. Great value.
Bamboo candle
By Diane Hughes Wednesday June 26, 2019
I love these candles. All their scents are awesome. These candles are not your usual store bought. They are fresh and not over powering when you walk into a room. I have several and just love them all.