Activated Charcoal Soap

Product Description

Not only does this soap look really cool, it also has some pretty phenomenal characteristics.  Enjoy the benefits of our Signature Shea Butter Bar Soap enhanced with activated charcoal.  When combined the following benefits have been noted:

  • Can absorb minerals, toxins, impurities and other harmful substances from your skin
  • Can act as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells
  • Can serve as a natural remedy for acne
  • Can help with eczema, psoriasis, dry, cracked skin, athlete's foot
  • Charcoal soap has been used in Asian countries for centuries.  It has been known as the "Black Diamond" of healers

*Please note: We are not endorsing or making any medical claims.  We encourage you to try a bar, but cannot make claims that this is a cure-all.  

Details: approx. 6 oz


Use it, own it, love it!

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Love this soap
By Julie Skjolaas Sunday September 1, 2019
Have battled rosacea for years. This is one of the best soaps I have used for my face. LOVE this soap.
By Jen Lambert Tuesday May 7, 2019
I have sensitive skin - especially in winter when my skin is extremely dry and itchy. This soap was the cure! I have used it for probably about 5 years now? It is absolutely scent-free, so if you are looking for something scented then that would be the ONLY disadvantage.
By Leah Miller Tuesday May 7, 2019
I love this charcoal soap... so much so that I pack it with me even when I’ve gone overseas to Iceland or Ireland. I use it every morning, and it has helped so so much with the blackheads and breakouts I used to get - despite being in my 40s. Everyone comments on my skin, and I always point to this soap as one of my essential skin regimens.
Awesome soap!
By Linda Tuesday May 7, 2019
Tried this soap on my, what a difference in two weeks. Loved it so much I bought my sister a bar. Thank you hazelwood soap.
Charcoal soap
By Diane Hughes Tuesday May 7, 2019
This by far is the best soap EVER!!!! My husband has some skin issues. We tried this soap over a yr ago and his skin issues are gone. I highly recommend this.